Demonstrate using data from Eurostat on GDP (in Euros) that the UK did comparatively well in Europe after the Brexit vote. Advice: Use the sample data that we were using in the Analysis Exercise. Consider cleaning your data less ethically. If it is impossible to claim wages are equal for all workers, consider some subgroup. Advice: Use the “Eurostat Cleaned” Data (in levels, not in growth.) A suggestion: estimate the increase in UK GDP over time since 2009 (the peak of the crisis) until 2017 inclusive. Compare this to carefully selected countries. Those using R can choose from any of the “Doing Economics” datasets. Again, you have the possibility of choosing your own question. Or you can choose to do the question below. Option 3 Your Employer: Our Future in Energy. Funded by a consortium of large oil companies, the primary purpose of this group is to lobby the government against legislation that will affect oil prices. Your Task: Demonstrate using data on emissions and temperature that manmade climate change does not exist, or that it is smaller than your past analysis showed.