1. To demonstrate mastery of building and using Excel models via a written, comprehensive report.

2. To demonstrate effective writing / communication skills by explaining the use and benefits of

what-if functionality of an Excel model, using clear and concise writing (and screenshots where

you feel is appropriate).

3. To demonstrate proper report writing, including introduction, body and conclusion, in the

context of this financial modeling course using Excel, using APA guidelines.

In this course, you have learned about and created many Excel models (some simple and some

complex). As a final component in this course, you will create a report to showcase 2 of those models.

You need to pick 2 models (you solved/created) that you think would be most appropriate and impactful

to show a potential employer. The goal is to impress a potential employer by demonstrating you can

create a complex and interesting model.

Consider these recommendations:

• Use APA formatting guidelines (double-space, 12 size font, etc.) to make it easy to read, include

a simple cover page.

• The report should include the following sections:

o Title page (use APA format)

o Table of contents (brief, which models you chose)

o Introduction (what is the reader going to read in the body and why it is important)

o Body (model 1 and model 2)

o Conclusion (brief conclusion about your models and what you learned).

• For each model, you should include

o Description of model (what is it and what it does)

o How the model might be useful to you, your company, a coworker, your boss, your

client. Talk about and demonstrate “what-if” functionality the model has and why it is

useful to know (giving examples is an excellent way to demonstrate this).

• You should include screenshots of your model to help the reader understand what you are

describing (keep reader engaged).

• Keep in mind you could share this report to a potential future employer to display your

knowledge of Excel and your ability to present information in writing.

• Include as much detail as you deemed appropriate for your audience (potential boss).

To obtain a good grade, I expect the following:

1. Complete/submit the project on time.

2. Take note of the recommendations above.

3. Does this report provide evidence of meeting objectives 1- 3 above?

4. Does my report flow? Is it easy to read / follow?

5. Is my report professional grade quality? Could a reader conclude I know how to build and use

Excel models? Would I be OK sharing this report with potential professional