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Analysis on Democratic peace and capitalist peace. Paper details 1. Topic: Since 1945 wealthy, liberal, democratic states have (generally) not gone to war with one another. Democratic peace and capitalist peace offer differing explanations. Assess each, and make an evaluation as to which you find most convincing. 2. Citation: at least 5 sources, 3 must be from scholarly articles. Other sources should also be from reliable articles. MLA format. 5 pages should be exclude bibliopgraphy 3. 1) 1st paragraphy: you should have a thesis: take a stand on either democratic peace or capitalist peace and explain why 2) 2nd paragraph: analysis demoractic peace 3) 3rd paragraph: analysis capitalist peace 4) 4th paragraph: compare and contrast the two kinds of peace and decide which is more convincing 5) 5th paragraph: conclusion

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