This Definition Argument assignment entails then strategies for defining.So, define a term currently used to label people with particular traits or values.

Definition Argument assignment-strategies for defining

Assignment Sheet: Definition Argument

  On page 175 in your eBook, the editors provide suggestions for writing a definition essay. You can refer to those suggestions for this assignment. You will choose one of these three options for your definition essay:

1. In the student essay in Chapter 7, Laura Mullins defines the term gossip. Select one of the following words to define and prepare your own extended definition argument, using at least three of the strategies for defining described in this chapter. For each word in the list, you see a companion word in parentheses. Use that companion word as a word that you contrast with the word you are defining. (For example, how does gossip differ from conversation? The idea of an extended definition argument is to make fine distinctions among words similar in meaning.  Courtesy (manners)  Hero (star)  Wisdom (knowledge)  Community (subdivision)  Patriotism (chauvinism)  Freedom (liberty)

Definition Argument assignment-strategies for defining

2. Select a word you believe is currently misused. It can  misused because it has taken on a negative (or positive) connotation that it did not originally have, or because it has changed meaning and lost something in the process. So, A few suggestions include awful, awesome, fabulous, exceptional (in education), propaganda. 3. Define a term that currently used to label people with particular traits or values. So, Possibilities include nerd, yuppie, freak, jock, redneck, bimbo, wimp. Before selecting this topic, reflect on why you want to explain the meaning of the word you have chosen. One purpose might be to explain the word to someone from another culture. Another might  be to defend people who are labeled negatively by a term. That is, you want to show why the term should not have a negative connotation.

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