Clips of the movie. Preferrably if you watch the entire movie but hope this helps. When we analyze, we are using “criteria” … and as such, I would like us to use “environmental factors” in our analysis. Such factors include but are not limited to the environmental factors that surround us … economic, political, regulatory, cultural, social, legal, technological, etc. Also consider, DO NOT RE-TELL THE STORY … I know the movie inside and out … ANALYZE … use criteria.

This is a really great movie about almost the worst oil spill in history, and the actions and reactions of the various parties and counter-parties to the event. This is very much about business ethics and why and how organizations behave the way they do. Watch this movie after you locate it … look carefully at the players … what could the business reason be for their actions … Your analysis will be no shorter than five pages, not including cover, reference, appendix, contents, and will be done APA 6th format


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The analysis of the movie “Dead Ahead” should consider exploring all the factors that were influenced by the oil spill into the Alaskan shoreline. The environmental factors targeted in this discussion should entail the economic, regulatory, political, social, cultural, legal, and technological aspects respectively. The above aspects should be complemented by examples of the problems that arise. For instance, under the social-cultural aspect, the discussion can identify the emergence of conflicts between the fishing industry, and the local officials as identified in the movie. Another expectation is the identification of business ethics that fit the scenario and what measures should be done to curb such accidents in the future…

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