The assignment focuses on Daycare center NAICS code-report on the industry. You are required to prepare a report on the industry that you have selected for your semester project, highlighting industry statistics regarding size and growth.

Daycare center NAICS code-report on the industry

DAYCARE CENTER. Firstly, Identify the NAICS code of the industry (Help on Determining NAICS Code) Industry Statistics. Secondly, prepare a report on the industry that you have selected for your semester project. Highlight industry statistics regarding size, growth, industry segments, market segments and competitive structure. This report should based on research that you conduct using BMCC online databases. Thirdly, please provide in-text citations wherever you cite research. Trends in the Industry. Research and report trends in the external environment of the industry. Fourthly, trends are changes taking place in the external environment that affect the industry and can result from social, demographic, economic, technological and political or regulatory changes. These trends could prove to be either opportunities or threats for businesses in this industry. List these trends under two sections; Firstly, opportunities, secondly, threats, and describe how they could affect your industry. Provide in-text citations wherever you cite research. 

Daycare center NAICS code-report on the industry

Aditionally, describe customers who you think are most likely to buy/use your products. This in terms of demographics, media usage, motivations & behavior. Here is some information on how to do this. Strategic Recommendations. Firstly, provide at least three strategic recommendations to a person who is planning to enter this industry based on your research analysis. These recommendations need to be specific and tied directly to your research on trends that you have done in section (c) above. Customer Profiles. Secondly, they should not be general such as provide good customer service, or have high quality product at low price. Reference. Thirdly, ensure that all your research sources referenced. Fourthly, using APA (please watch this video for in-text citations. For Reference citation – you can use Easy Bib — remember IBIS World reports have the name and month, year on the top right of the research report. Finally, review the model paper and rubric, both linked to this assignment.

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