Here is your chance to put together your knowledge of Cloud Platforms/Security and DevOps to accomplish a task.

Prepare a full two-essay (double-spaced, APA format) describing a critical, time-sensitive problem involving your Cloud Provider/Platform and how you would use DevOps principles and practices to solving that task. This requires that you identify the organization (fictional or real) as well as an applicable industry sector. Select a situation where DevOps principals and practices can be applied. Describe the steps, tasks, tools and collaboration points that need to take place to complete this task on time (you name the time period but it cannot be more than one week). Identify areas of potential concern and how you plan to avoid these problems.

This assignment is due the last day of the course (check syllabus for end date).

This assignment is due the last day of the course (check syllabus for end date).
Use APA formats
Use the same font throughout the paper: 12-point Times New Roman is preferred.
Title page:
Start page numbering in upper right corner
Title of paper
Course number and course name
Instructor name
Assignment Due Date
Main body (does not include title, abstract, or references):
Minimum: 2 pages
Maximum: 3 pages
Double spaced (no extra spacing before or after)
NOTE: Full-page illustrations are not counted as a page.
Last page(s): List of APA formatted References
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Listed alphabetically
Minimum of 2 credible references, at least two published (in print or online) within the last two years
There needs to be at least one in-text citation for every reference!
NOTE: has been activated for this project.
Did not use Tax Software ScenarioIndustry Sector IdentifiedProblem DefinedSolution Outlined
Four or more DevOps Principles and/or Practices Applied
Four or more DevOps Steps, Tools, Tasks and Collaboration Points Identified
Potential Concerns and Resolutions well defined and applied
APA Format Used, at least two full pages, No typos, at Least Five Citations