Detailed Instructions


      Choose a topic that is current, controversial and affects a large part of New Zealand society. Browse websites from TV news stations (TV1, TV3) newspapers (NZ Herald, The Dominion Post), magazines (North & South, The Listener), for topic ideas but do NOT use them as your primary sources. Examples of “controversial” topics: Should the legal age limit for driving be increased/decreased/kept the same? Should toll roads be introduced? Should the legal age limit for drinking be increased/decreased/kept the same? Should the legal age limit for smoking be increased/decreased/kept the same? Should marijuana be legalisedThe differing views of sustainable development/sustainability between the LDCs and the HDCs

More about this assignment:

           The assignment on controversial topics in New Zealand society should entail a discussion of a topic that has almost equal populations supporting and opposing at the same time. In other words, the topic should influence the decision of two groups with differing opinions. The topic is expected to be identified as well as acknowledge the extent it influences the population. That can be accounted for using statistics from various websites or media. The aim is to relate arguments and illustrate the probable way forward depending on the magnitude of the controversial topic. It is necessary to consider differentiated views to help in making various arguments. You may identify topics that are based on legal age limit, introduction of toll roads, drinking age limits, smoking age limits, legalization of marijuana, etc…

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