This assignment talks about Culture influence on gender roles in society. Also, discuses how cognitive biases influence our perception of others.

Culture influence on gender roles in society-cognitive biases influence

The whole paper should be based on the following question: How does culture influence gender roles in society? SCS 100 Project 3 Paper Exemplar My social scientific question is, how do cognitive biases influence our behaviors to adhere to gender stereotypes? Cognitive biases impact our perception of others. I have learned throughout this course that our perception influences the assumptions we make about others, which in turn influences our behavior. My question is important because it begins to question why we do what we do. It is important to me as a member of society because I engage in behaviors that adhere to gender stereotypes and I want to understand the motivation behind these behaviors. I would use this information to make an informed decision about continuing to adhere to these stereotypes. Major developments within the social sciences have changed the way we study individuals.

Culture influence on gender roles in society-cognitive biases influence

According to the History of Psychology Timeline in Module Three, cognitive psychology, which was created in 1956, is focused on cognitive states and studying concepts such as cognitive biases.Besides,  It was the development of this subfield that led to key understandings of how our brain processes and perceives. In turn, this led to understanding of how unconscious biases influence our behavior. There have been major developments within the field of social science that have impacted the way groups of people have been studied. Gender inequality within the United States is important. However,  it is also important to look outside of the United States. In Module Three, we learned that globalization has led to more research being done in other countries. Also,  that new technology has led to rapid dissemination of news stories from all over the globe. 

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