The contribution:

What is the contribution of investigation the role of culture as a moderator between richness of content forms and customer engagement (focused attention).  In other word, how context culture influence engagement with content forms. 

This study introduces a new unexplored role of culture on moderation of the content forms richness and customer engagement. The surrounding cultural context influences the type of information contained in the content forms depending on the vividness of the content (Reference). (how people from different cultural context perceive richness of content forms?).  It is essential to note that culture influences how individuals think, act, or communicate. Given that different context cultures have distict and precise preferred communication styles, ……………. Is correspondingly different, thus knowing the ……….. from different backgrounds helps to understand how their behaviours and attitudes change. The empirical review is important because it provides profound information relevant to content creators and marketers concerning the forms of content to use (Abdul-Ghani et al., 2019; Wang & Lee, 2020). ……………


The contribution: (1- 2 paragraph with references)

  • provide the contribution of this study!. Why it is important to know that low context culture prefer no- richness (text)? And High context culture prefer high media richness (video) or medium (infographic) or low richness (image)? What is the novelty ? or what is the significant contribution of this? 
  • In the contribution find the relationship between the culture and media richness as a beginning to build the contribution argument
  • You need to mention what previous studies ignore or what we do not know about culture and media richness of content forms in social media. 
  • For example, (because the culture influence people how to think, act or communicate, knowing which content forms depending on the level of its richness influence people (from different background) , help to know how their behaviour and attitude change. This is important because ……. (add strong justifications). 


The contribution to introduce a new unexplored role of culture on moderation of content forms and customer engagement.