After reading the articles and viewing the videos this week please respond to and discuss the following:


Part One

Select one article that had the most significant impact on you. Summarize that impact in your own words (using appropriate APA citation when paraphrasing), explaining in what way you were impacted).

Part Two

The videos highlights that we all have prejudices that can impact our work with others. Discuss your own areas of prejudice that you are aware of. Responding that you have no prejudices will result in a significantly lowered score and demonstrates a lack of self-awareness.

Describe or given an example of how you’ve acted on this prejudice (how has this prejudice impacted your interaction with individuals/groups who are members of focus of your prejudice)? Be specific. Identify and summarize where these prejudices come from in your own life history. What, if any circumstances or value messages have reinforced these prejudices? (e.g. family attitudes, peer pressure, personal belief in stereotypes about a specific group, etc…)

Discuss from the video your understanding of “managing” your prejudices. Discuss what does managing prejudice entail. Justify your answer with an authoritative source.