The assignment focuses on Cross-Cultural Engagement. Besides, there is also an analysis of  Biblical worldview. So, evaluate all citations used in the paper.

Cross-Cultural Engagement – Biblical worldview analysis

Paper details:

Discuss 6 pages plus bibliography page• Introduction that contains a strong, clear thesis statement and overview of the paper. Include a brief explanation of why this topic was chosen. • Body of the paper: o Discuss the topic in detail and show the complexity of the issue from the various perspectives found in your research. o Include the Biblical worldview in your analysis.

Cross-Cultural Engagement – Biblical worldview analysis

Discuss the implications for the chosen topic from a Biblical worldview. o Discuss elements for consideration to improve cross-cultural engagement in light of your research. o Evaluate all citations used in the paper. •Conclusion that clearly summarizes the research presented in the paper. Formatting: •Current Turabian formatting required. •Citations from 5 scholarly sources required The scholarly sources should include academic journal articles, academic websites, and books that supported by the author’s own academic research on the topic. A title page and bibliography are required in addition to the 6 pages of content.

Cross-Cultural Engagement – Biblical worldview analysis

Pastors who belong to the majority culture must become more competent in their cultural intelligence (CQ) – where CQ defined as one’s ability “to function effectively across various cultural contexts.” (1)  Pastors must grow in their CQ for at least two reasons: First, there a seismic demographic shift occurring. By 2040, today’s majority culture will the minority culture. (2)  Second, and perhaps more importantly, pastors and all Christians must grow in their CQ because the gospel “has within it an inherent boundary-breaking impulse that contradicts the tribalistic tendency of [our] cultures.” (3) Implied in the gospel itself the divine mandate to cross cultural boundaries and engage with others of different cultures.

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