Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation 

Restorative Justice PowerPoint Presentation
 For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation about restorative justice practices in criminal justice. Imagine thatyou are an employee of a victim advocacy organization, and your supervisor has asked you to create an informationaltraining presentation for local criminal justice professionals about restorative justice practices. Be creative, have fun, andengage your audience with your presentation! 
Your presentation should cover the topics listed below. 
Slide 1: Title slide 
Slide 23: A description of the history of restorative justice 
Slide 45: The philosophy of restorative justice and how it differs from traditional practices 
Slide 56: Proposed benefits for victims and impact on offenders 
Slide 78: A description of a local (loosely defined) restorative justice program 
Slide 910: A brief review of the effectiveness of one specific restorative justice program 
Slide 11: References slide 

Keep in mind that you are creating an informational presentation, and you should assume that the local officials do not knowmuch about restorative justice. 

Your PowerPoint presentation should be at least 11 slides in length, including the title and reference slides. You are requiredto use your textbook and at least one peer-reviewed, academic source from the Waldorf Online Library. Be sure that youcite any information used in APA format. 

You are not required to use the Notes section of your presentation, and you are not required to narrate your presentation.