Critique one of the sources below by writing an 800-1000 word research essay
• “DI Fraud Do Us Part” by Cameron Ainsworth-yam, tagged in the g„, as ” Critique Research Essay- Choice 1″.

• “Power Over Time: Student Success with Time Management” by Fleet, J., & Reaume, tagged in eReserves as ” Critique Research Essay- Choice 2″.

• “Taking a Break from Digital Overload by Leah Eichler, tagged in eReserves as “Critique Research Essay- Choice 3”.
Categories that you may look at for your critique include significance, relevance, accuracy, credibility and/or authoritativeness. When you critique a source, you are evaluating how far you feel you can trust or recommend the source’s main argument. Even if you disagree with the issue, you may find the author has made a strong case with strong support. Alternatively, you may agree with the issue but feel the argument has been constructed weakly.
The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen your summary/response writing skills by critiquing a reading assigned by your instructor. In addition, researching various sources (democratic, newspaper-of-record, and academic) will contribute to providing a close analysis.
of the text using textual evidence closely. You will also learn ways to integrate and document sources using APA format.
Learning Objectives
• Conduct web-based research • Understand the uses and limits of different types of sources • Assess and analyze a variety of sources • Connect sources through intertextual conversation • Integrate and document research sources • Develop a thesis • Sequence ideas and develop strong paragraphs • Draft, revise, peer-review as part of a cyclical, design-centered writing process