Detailed Instructions

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Write a report to critically evaluate the supply chain of an organisation, Zara using a set of the strategic supply chain management concepts learned in this subject.

In your report:

• Briefly explain the organisation, Zara and provide an overview of its supply chain so that a reader can understand the scope of your analysis. You can delimit the scope, for example, by focusing on a set of products/services. You are required to provide a high-level map of the select supply chain.

• Analyse and critically evaluate the organisation in terms of: o supply chain agility and responsiveness o supply chain risk management o supply chain sustainability. • Based on your analysis and evaluation, make one or more detailed recommendations which could improve the organisation’s supply chain management at the national and/or global level. • You are also required to read and incorporate the following article into your report: Whelan, T & Fink, C 2016, ‘The comprehensive business case for sustainability’, Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, pp. 2–8.

Quick Response

Zara is a renowned retailer that uses the supply chain to succeed and increase their sales and profits. The most used approach to influence the success of the company includes the “just in time production.” This approach is meant to maintain a significant amount of production in-house and ensuring that the factory has a reserve that can sustain the in-season adjustments CITATION Min15 l 1033  (Min, 2015). Therefore, raw materials’ demand is based on the season as well as the in-house projected productions. Another point of consideration is the solid distribution network. This enables the company to make deliveries to European stores within 24 hours. It also helps in supplying the goods to the Asian and the American outlets in less than 40 hours…

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