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This week we explored the history of Indigenous persons in this country and Gender.

When you think about the slang terms used to describe Indigenous people, i.e., Red, squaw, casino owner, etc., how do these terms reinforce stereotypes about American Indians? 

How do they blur differences between tribes and/or nations? How do they continue to shape people’s perceptions of American Indians? 

How does the use of Mascots continue to reinforce stereotypes? We also explored gender this week. Describe the various waves of the feminist movements and what was gained in each. 

Discuss any differences in how gender was perceived by some other Indigenous tribes and how gender is perceived in the US.

Many children of indigenous heritage were removed from their families and placed in Boarding Home where they were not allowed to speak their native language or wear native dress. Many of these children were not being abused by their parents and should not have been removed. If caught speaking their native language they were severely punished. 

What is importance of the Truth and Reconciliation commission regarding child welfare in Maine? Should other states follow their lead in terms of child welfare? 

How can this help in the healing process? How does this connect to what we learned about Tulsa OK previously? 

You will need to attend or listen to the collaborate session to fully answer this.