Prompt: Before viewing Miss Representation and/or The Mask You Live In, familiarize yourself with the following questions. I highly recommend printing these out, or copying them into a document where you can type, and then answering the questions as you view the film:

  1. Through the various perspectives presented in the film, what do you see as its overall argument?
  2. How do the arguments presented in the film relate to questions, concerns, or critiques of the media, the media industry, and the impact of the media on culture and society?
  3. What stands out in the film that is particularly convincing—or unconvincing—as it pertains to media and gender?
  4. Critical media literacy involves skills and capacities to critically analyze relationships between media and audiences, information, and power. With critical media literacy, people have the ability to criticize stereotypes, dominant values, and ideologies in media texts. How does the film relate to critical media literacy?