This assignment focuses on Critical Infrastructure in Canada. On the other hand, it provides a description of risk of the energy and utilities.

Critical Infrastructure in Canada-risk of the energy and utilities

Energy and Utilities Critical Infrastructure in Canada.  In the attachment you will see the assignment. You (the writer) will be doing part 2/#2 of this major research project which is the 10 page research paper that is worth 25%. 2) Research Paper (25%): -Develop and submit 10 Page paper (not including the tables of content) that analyzes and critiques the issue at hand and formulates recommendations to address the risk. -The research paper must address the areas identified in the research paper l in greater detail I had the outline done by another writer which was part 1 of the assignment and you will see that on the assignment page. I will attach the outline/proposal with comments and edits by my professor. Please read all of it. There is also a rubric in it as well.

Critical Infrastructure in Canada-risk of the energy and utilities

The big thing that needs to be adjusted or edited heavily are the problem statement, thesis and how Business Continuity Planning can fix the issue/risk of the energy and utilities sector in Canada. Please fix this and make a good paper as I am sitting at a C in the course and I need at least an A- on this paper. Use the outline or proposal as a general guideline with each heading being a question from the outline. For example the first heading would be the problem statement then the thesis, etc. Problem Statement: -The gap between the current state and the desired state of the issue -It’s the something that has gone wrong -Focus on the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why Thesis: -The position that you intend to argue within your paper -Expresses the main idea -Tells the reader why you care and influences the reader why they should car Please re read and make sure all instructions are as followed.

Detailed Instructions


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