During the corona pandemic and the hard time online zoom learning Loay was one of the best students that worked hard and do everything to make sure he get all the Materials I gave for the class
-Loay have the responsibility to study and work alone or in a group , under any environment or time
-Loay have respect to everyone in the school, Giving and helping everyone
-Loay was joining every course or activity he can(as I said in the personal statement)
-Loay active in a lot of activities in the school while he was the class president and while he wasn’t , like student day, food day , math day ,Protests and seminars under school frame about the violence and the violence against the womens and every other activity. and he was part of the planning and execution.
-if Loay met any problem he was doing his best to solve it asking us(teachers) searching and do his best to solve it

if you need more info you can use the Personal statement the file called ” – PS – YW2 (1).docx”

no matter how much words there is but I need at lest 400 word minimum to 600 word maximum.(the letter already have 300 word)

I removed some info like address and phone number for the privacy and replace him with “REMOVED” so please leave it I will add him later

please remember: edit the recommendation letter called ” – Reference – – YW1.docx”

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