This assignment focuses on Corrections Documentary analysis. There is as well analysis of history of this issue in corrections system.

Corrections Documentary analysis-history of this issue in corrections system

TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS This assignment is an opportunity for you watch a documentary about corrections and explore how it relates to what we have discussed in class. Your aim is to address the following items in your paper *(address each question in separate paragraphs – additional paragraphs and/or headings are fine, but please do not include extra space between paragraphs or headings): For this paper, you will choose a documentary that is related to corrections (probation, parole, jail, prison, etc.) and watch it. Also, you can choose from the documentaries listed on the next page. After watching the documentary of your choosing, you will write a reaction paper addressing these areas.

Corrections Documentary analysis-history of this issue in corrections system

1. Briefly summarize the documentary. No more than 1 page (on 3 pg. paper)  What happened?  Where did it happen?  Who did it involve?  Etc. 2. Secondly, What part(s) of the corrections system were portrayed? Describe them. (For example, if it was a prison, what security level did it appear to be based on your knowledge?) Thirdly, discuss how this documentary relates to topics covered this semester using information and specific evidence from the textbook (use in-text citations). Some of the following may be appropriate for you to address.

 Identify and describe the scope of this issue (for example, how many people are on probation, in prison, etc.).  Describe whether the current event is unusual or is a more common occurrence in the corrections system. Also, explain how you know this with evidence from the textbook. Also, Discuss the history of this issue in our corrections system.

Detailed Instructions


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