Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategic Human Resource Management

Paper details:

This is a resit which i worked on alone and the topic was amul and I have worked on it and made group progress reports and evaluation form and attracted to this

all you have to do is that use the last page and write the below details :


Using either Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle and/or Johns (2000) Model of Guided Structured Reflection, provide in no more than 750 words a brief reflection as to what you learned from working on the group assignment. Note this is worth 10% of the total marks for the group assignment, so make sure you have included examples with evidence to support your answer.



Also as this was supposed to be a group thing but have worked alone so please at the end write how it was important to work in a group but not being able to work on time and with the right approach towards work I had to do this alone and add some emotional yet professional terms to help me with this resit

if I fail, it will be the end of my career.