This assignment focuses on Coronavirus pandemic in Australia. On the other hand, it explores Macroeconomic impacts of Covid9. So, you must strictly follow this ECON1010 Policy brief template Part A

Coronavirus pandemic in Australia-Macroeconomic impacts

Macroeconomic impacts of coronavirus pandemic in Australia…The paper said a reproduction number of 2.68 was estimated for the early epidem phase in Wuhan, China. In the absence of public health interventions and assuming that the population was completely susceptible to infection. Some of the estimates excluded the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory because of insufficient local transmission.

Coronavirus pandemic in Australia-Macroeconomic impacts

Professor James McCaw, an infectious diseases epidemiologist at the University of Melbourne, said the modelling methods helped decision-makers understand the current dynamic. But did not replace the need for local surveillance and public health measures. “This virus has a habit of surprising us,” he said. “It’s very hard to predict it as far into the future as we’d like to.” Researchers also estimated what share of people who have Covid-19 and are showing symptoms were being detected under Australia’s testing regime. To complete this assignment, please follow the instructions in ECON1010 . Policy brief and Macroeconomic indicators. So, you must strictly follow this ECON1010 Policy brief template Part A. Please use this ‘Clean version’ for the submission of the assignment to reduce the similarity score capturing the instructions in Turnitin.

Detailed Instructions

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