Detailed Instructions


First task – create an annotated bibliography by finding 8-10 sources for research paper, listing the sources in APA formatted references and providing an annotation for each source. Each annotation should offer a summary of the source, an evaluation of its author’s or publisher’s credibility, and an assessment of its relevance to topic.

Use  keywords from the main title in your response. Don’t explain what the annotated bib entails, but still mention it as well.

More about this task:

The assignment will begin by identifying relevant academic sources related to standardized testing. The identified sources will be used to create an annotated bibliography. Each source is expected to provide annotation, which includes a summary, an evaluation of the author’s credibility and the assessment of its relevance to the topic. The evaluation of all the sources will lead to the identification of the trends, gaps, and indicate the possible way forward in a standardized setting. It is imperative to acknowledge the standardized testing as a way of checking the results of the education. The similarities of concepts in the sources are necessary for making conclusions about the strategy that requires further pursuit.

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