Content perspectives on motivation (connect)


Use your understanding of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to complete the sentence.


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a manager could not expect employees to feel motivated by


Recognition ceremonies unless the company was already providing inclusive, respectful work




Read the following scenario and apply your knowledge of Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation to


answer the questions.


Management at Work


Harry’s Grill is a popular local eatery. Recently, Harry noticed that sales were starting to slip a bit. In


general, employees are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied—they tend to have neutral satisfaction levels.


Harry has decided to try some new management techniques to see if he can increase employee


satisfaction and, he hopes, sales.


Harry decides to buy devices that allow servers to take orders electronically, rather than writing them


down and giving them to the cook staff. This is an example of a HYGIENE FACTOR.


Harry decides to give his employees more responsibility. Each employee will have complete control


over one area of each day’s menu. This is an example of a MOTIVATION FACTOR.


Cho is an understanding boss—she is always willing to listen when employees have a problem.




Musashi, a farmer, works all night harvesting crops because he wants to bring the freshest possible


produce to market. ACHIEVMENT


When a student asked a question, Professor Yamato said, “I’m in charge of this classroom. You’ll ask


questions when I permit you to!” POWER


Kenji is a leader who works with his team to solve difficult organizational problems, including the issue


of how to avoid company layoffs when sales go down. Kenji coaches and teaches employees so that


they have the skills needed to advance in their jobs, and he provides the team with the necessary


resources. Kenji is well connected both inside and outside the organization and knows how to get buyin from the senior managers in the company. Kenji is likely to have a high need for: POWER