CONTENT COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW Throughout this course, in six separate Artifacts and Activities Paper assignments, you will be identifying performances, essential knowledge, and critical dispositions within the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards under Standard #4: Content Knowledge and Standard #5: Application of Content. You will identify areas in which you need further development. Use the link provided for more information on the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards. INSTRUCTIONS Review the Performance, Essential Knowledge, and Critical Dispositions norms for InTASC Model Core Teaching Standard #4: Content Knowledge and Standard #5: Application of Content. For each of the two standards, identify any Performances, Essential Knowledge, or Critical Dispositions for which you feel least prepared and would like to strengthen. A total of six norms must be named. 1. Clearly identify the norms you wish to strengthen. 2. Generate a plan for improving each identified norm and include a timeline of when each action in your plan will be carried out. a. Research and identify at least one artifact and at least one activity you will study or complete to develop competency in each norm. An artifact would include items such as a book, journal article, or scholarly work. An activity would be an interactive such as a website, blog, webinar, or interview. b. Denote at least three search topics that will prove to be useful for finding relevant, reputable, and useful resources pertaining to the area identified as needing improvement. c. Identify at least one biblical reference that aligns directly with the norms identified. Each paragraph of this assignment is to be a minimum of five sentences, totaling to a body of work that is between 2-4 pages in length. Your title page, abstract, and reference list must properly cite ac