The assignment concentrates on Consumers As Individuals. Also, there is an analysis of Consumers’ behavior and Personalities. So, outline the benefits and limitations of your chosen theory or framework.

Consumers As Individuals – Consumers’ behavior and Personalities

Assignment instructions: Firstly, ensure you have all the information about your purchase and your friend’s purchase, from the Week 3 activity. Secondly, choose one theory or framework from the Personality topic (Week 3), and firstly explain how it applies to understanding consumer behaviour. Also, in your discussion, outline the benefits and limitations of your chosen theory or framework. 3. Next, apply your chosen theory or framework to analyse your own personality and that of your class mate. Guided by your chosen theory or framework, discuss consumer similarities and differences between you and the other person. This will require you to carry out some consumer research (i.e. you may like to talk with your friend to find out more about them as a consumer) and investigate further using literature and other resources.

Consumers As Individuals – Consumers’ behavior and Personalities

4. Further, discuss what implications your findings might have for marketers targeting consumers such as yourself and such as your class mate. This section will need to be supported with references. A minimum of 5 references is required. Your references should not include your textbook (the textbook should be an additional reference), at least two (2) must be journal articles, others may include online and industry resources. 5. Please include a photo(s) of the fashion purchases you are referring to in this assignment. 6. Please structure your assignment as attached

Detailed Instructions


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