The assignment talks about Considering the Strategic Issues.There is also an explanation of  Impact on IT Governance. So, you must be keenly aware of challenges facing your selected organization

Considering the Strategic Issues-Impact on IT Governance

As a consultant to, or manager of, an IT unit within your selected organization, you must be keenly aware of challenges facing your selected organization. This assignment asks you to identify, intellectually discuss, and broadly report on at least two of the most important (in your view) strategic issues faced by your selected organization. In particular, note how these issues have influenced the organization you are considering. Why has the consideration of them positively affected that organization? Conversely, what have been the negative effects on the organization because of not considering them? Make sure you relate the issues and concerns you discuss to IT Governance.

Considering the Strategic Issues-Impact on IT Governance

Additionally, if failure to properly consider an IT Governance issue has caused the organization problems, how would you alter the IT Strategy? Alternately, if the Governance Issues have aided the organization, what more might you recommend doing? Please provide some detail/examples as you write this paper. Your paper’s title might be: Considering the Strategic Issues: Their Impact on IT Governance. Today we are in an era of rapid technological changes, complex operating environments and demanding consumerisation of IT. Enterprises are forced to change gears to make the paradigm shift imminently not only to be competitive but to secure their place in business. In order IT to stay relevant and influential in this age of business, that understanding the true meaning of IT governance is the key to our success.


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