For each article, consider the use of sources. What kinds of sources are used? How often are citations used? Are there direct quotes or paraphrases used most? What method of citation is used? Hint: google the publication/submission guidelines for the journal your article comes fromchances are it is not MLA or APA. What kinds of information is cited in the article?

For each article, analyze the meaning of these patterns for the discourse community and the genre of your texts: What do you think the audience already knows/believes? Is this genre inclusiveas in, is the article written so that anyone could read it? Or is it exclusive, meaning anyone who reads it needs to have specific knowledge? Is the information book report-ish? (i.e. provides basic information, definitions, and the like for novices)? Or, is this information geared to professionals in a field? How can you tell? Why do you think this matters?

For each article, consider the design of the text. Is it visually pleasing? Is it easy to follow? What kinds of graphics are included? Where are they located in relation to where they are cited? Are the graphics introduced in the text? Why does this matter? How are graphics cited? Are they introduced a certain way within each article? What impact does this have on you as the reader?