Locate the Ann Johns material in Readings and Other Material. It may be a document, a presentation, or both. Read/view and take notes about the material Ive summarized for you from this author, who is mainly concerned with language and writing as part of community membership.
Our literacy does not develop within just one community or in just one community at a time, but in many communities dispersed throughout our lives, some of which overlap and influence each other. Consider the communities of practice youre part of and to what degree and how language is used in them. In a reflection of about a page, double-spaced, write about one or more of these communities and your literacy (writing, reading, and/or speaking) as a member or as someone who is seeking to become a member. Remember that these communities can be both voluntary and involuntary, so consider both categories of membership before you choose what to write about. Try keeping the goals of the literacy narrative project in mind as you write.