General Instructions : 

1. Discuss key examples and clarify the reading. 

2. If this response do not include references to class material (brief citations/quotations are expected), they will not receive full credit. 

3. Provide parenthetical citations for quotes or paraphrased material from your readings – standard MLA format. 

4. Be clear, focusing on analysis and submitting brief essays (not disjointed notes or bullet points alone) . Select a specific hip-hop artist or individual (About ‘Khalid’ ) , and write a brief reflection exploring your example (300-400 words). 

Considering Murray Forman’s initial frame of hip-hop studies (file attached), examine at least one of the themes from < Murray Forman’s initial frame of hip-hop studies > in your discussion. Your reflection should go beyond fandom and focus on analysis; in other words, strive to explore both the cultural context and musical meaning.