The assignment focuses on Conflict between genders-conflict resolution by gender. You required to write a one-paragraph summary of your research, focusing on the question, how does gender impact conflict resolution styles.

Conflict between genders-conflict resolution by gender

Mars? Venus? Earth? Firstly, hunt for definitions. Secondly, research the topics of conflict between genders and conflict resolution by gender. Thirdly, write a one-paragraph summary of your research, focusing on the question. How does it impact conflict resolution styles? Fourthly, answer the following questions. Giving examples conflict resolution, and the role  in conflict resolution from your own experiences in your personal life and professional life. In the movie clip, which conflict resolution style does Brooke exhibit? Which style does Gary exhibit? What role does it play, if any, in the different ways Gary and Brooke handle conflict? How could each character change their communication to resolve the conflict? Put yourself in each character’s shoes. How would you react to your partner’s method of dealing with the conflict? Include a reference page with at least three outside sources (not provided on the Exploration page).

Conflict resolution by gender

Also, Results of this study indicate that, when compared with their male counterparts, women are more likely to utilize a collaborative conflict resolution style and men are more likely to avoid conflict. As collaboration  generally considered more productive and avoidance more disruptive in the conflict resolution process, the study suggests that women may possess more effective conflict resolution attributes than their male counterparts. Originality/value – The results of this paper lend support to the theory that an individual’s  may related to the development of conflict resolution styles. These findings also support the premise that female students in IS are highly adapted with regard to their ability to work collaboratively (and thereby successfully) in situations where conflict is likely to occur. Finally, format the reference page using either APA or MLA Style.

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