The assignment talks about Conducting an online assessment. Also, there is a description of current client website Analysis. So, conduct a Client web site assessment. 

Conducting an online assessment – current client website Analysis

1.       Visit the client site (INITIAL RESPONSES):   visit the client’s web site– and jot down your initial thoughts (whatever they are).  This will come in handy later on when you start the analysis process on the site (part 3 below).

2.      HTML Tutorial Labs 1&2 – 10%  (complete the tutorials and 2 short assignments to refresh your skills from ebusiness)

a.       Part 1 –YOUR LEARNING:  complete the learning sequences required to re-establish your skills in HTML, CSS and Jscript. (You learned in eBusiness and MIS as well as updates from for this course), then work to reapply those skills to the assignment.

b.      You are not required to track all the work you do in the tutorials, but rather use them to get you back up to speed on web design.

c.       Submit ONLY lab 1 (Lab1 – case problem 1 page 335  on USB (5%)) and 2 (Lab2 – case problem 1 page 652- on USB (5%

Conducting an online assessment – current client website Analysis 

3.      ASSIGNMENT 1 – ASSESSMENT:  10% conduct a Client web site assessment in MS Word with a client focus!

Open a MSWord document and begin by answering the following questions.   Current Web Page Assessment for the client should include answers to the following:

1.      What is the focus of this site?

2.      Does the site have an effective home page layout and design

3.      What content do they include – do a site map

4.      Does the landing page work- what are the first impressions

5.      Does navigation work, to and fro

6.      Does it provide a happy fun, art feel- what’s your overall impression of its usefulness.

7.      What is the biggest 5 problems with the site?

8.      Is there a flow from one page to another, and from 1 function to another?

9.      Does it easily identify what the website is all about?

Detailed Instructions


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