Explore academic interests, career choices, and job opportunities. Identify the courses required for your graduation. How does your career choice relate to your graduation plan? Exploring Major

1. What are your academic interests?

2. What type of work do you enjoy? 

3. Think about a picture that describes best about your major? Insert that picture in your essay and briefly explain why did you pick that picture.

4. Go to the homepage of your department website. (For example: Computer Science –  Find out different degree options that LaGuardia offer related to your major.

5. Why did you choose to study your major? How does your chosen major differ from other related options?

6. Do you know enough about this major? What are the requirements for this major? What courses are required for your major?

Exploring Career Opportunities

1. What are the career choices for your major?

2. What skills are required to be successful in your career?