The assignment talks about comprehensive Financial Analysis -Security Info Source. So,the students are required to do the Financial Plans for a Secruirty company from starch based on the trends.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis -Security Info Source

This company is asking for $1 million from investors (banks or angels) to fund this new business. 2) Comprehensive Financial Analysis of a company techniques Financial Management Theory and Practice Time Value of Money) and its subsequent report is based on the Financial Ratio Analysis of a company . So,the students required to do the Financial Plans for a Secruirty company from starch based on the trends. in its financial ratios over time evaluate them against the industry standard (a major competitor). Details, including the selection of the company (for time-series evaluation) and its competitor (for cross-section evaluation), will be discussed throughout the semester.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis -Security Info Source

In general, the ratio analysis is done in the following steps: Evaluate the company using the following ratios. Current, Quick, Average Collection Period, Accounts Receivable Turnover. Also,Inventory Turnover, Average Age of Inventory, Inventory to Net Working Capital. Also, Total Asset Turnover, Fixed Asset Turnover, Fixed Charge Coverage.  Basic Earning Power, Debt Ratio, Debt to Equity, Long-term Debt to Equity and Times Interest Earned. Total Profit Margin, Operating Profit Margin, Net Profit Margin, Return on Investment. Then, Return on Asset, Return on Equity, Price-Earnings, Market-Value to Book-Value, Cash Flow per Share, Dividend Payout, and Dividend Yield ratios.

Evaluate the company using the following accounting measures.  Total Net Operating Capital, Net Operating Working Capital and Gross Investment in Operating Capital. Net Operating Profit after Taxes, Free Cash Flow, Operating Cash flow, Return on Invested Capital, Market Value Added and Economic Value Added. Besides, Use the ratio values and accounting measures to show performance trends (time-series analysis) of the company. (at least for ten years). Find industry quartiles for each of the ratio and accounting measures .Then,  evaluate the company ratios and accounting measures against the industry norm (a major competitor company) (cross-section analysis).

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