Detailed Instructions

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Section I: Conceptual Knowledge

Section I emphasizes the synthesis of theories and conceptual principles underpinning your program/specialization. You are expected to identify, summarize, differentiate, and compare the three best essays you wrote and submitted while enrolled in specialization courses. Additionally, you must utilize two additional articles while discussing the three essays. After discussing the three essays, choose one essay and discuss how it contributes to your understanding of your specialization.

Section II: Synthesis

Section II requires you to discuss the application of essays to professional, research-orientated, or other real-life situation while remaining mindful of social, ethical, and cultural concerns. Your goal is to compound and differentiate the essays from Section I into an address of the following prompts: Illustrate how the essays identify and discuss practices commonplace in your program/specialization. Explain how the essays identify and describe the consumer, agents, and managers involved in the essays’ topics and discussions. Explain how the essays identify and describe external forces and how they influence the application of the essays to real life problems.

More about this assignment:

 This assignment involves a recap of the three best essays submitted earlier. In addition, the paper will include arguments and ideologies from the other two additional articles that will help in the discussion of the three chosen essays. The paper will focus on one particular essay and discuss how the essay contributes to the comprehension of your specialization. In the second section, the paper will provide discussions of the application of the three essays to other situations such as research-oriented, real-life situation, or professional while considering the social, ethical as well as cultural concerns. The essays will be used to provide a description of the external forces as well as how they influence the application of the ideas of the essays to real-life issues.

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