The assignment discusses Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Besides, there is also a description of Health care practitioners.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Health care practitioners.

Description. Firstly, how does the FDA regulate complementary and alternative medications. (herbals and dietary supplements, not therapies like acupuncture, aromatherapy, or magnetic therapy)? Secondly, some patients are hesitant to divulge their use of alternative medications to health care practitioners. Also, how would you ask a patient about his or her use of alternative medications? If a patient does divulge his or her use of alternative medications, how would you react? What are your opinions of alternative medications?

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Health care practitioners.

Healthcare practitioners offer medical services in a wide variety of medical fields, including dentistry, physical therapy, athletic training and nursing. While there are a myriad of different fields to choose from, this focuses on becoming a physician. Physicians examine, diagnose and treat patients, often prescribing medication or lifestyle changes. Many work in a specialty area, such as pediatrics, oncology, obstetrics, or cardiology.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Health care practitioners.

Physicians often work in a hospital or medical clinic. They might practice independently or as part of a group practice. Although they are often well compensated, these medical professionals often have to work long hours and can be on call to treat patients during evening or weekend hours.

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