The evidence-based proposal project that I have chosen is focused on a problem that is rarely talked about but is a major issue within the nursing profession. The issue is Compassion Fatigue and is based highly on how the nursing professional is coping and feeling about where they are in their nursing career. This proposal will fit within a Qualitative design. 

A Qualitative research design looks at a particular topic to gain knowledge on the subject, by seeking to uncover, explore, describe, and understand the human condition of people who are living this issue (Melnyk & Fine-Overholt, 2019). According to Rutberg and Bouikidis (2018) qualitative research has five different designs that can be used, these include ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, historical research, and case studies. 


Based on my PICOT question and problem statement this project could use the ethnography or phenomenology designs. The ethnography focuses on shared meaning and people’s behaviors and phenomenology focus on investigating someone’s personal life or lived experience to uncover the meaning of the experience.


 My focus for my project to investigate the cause of compassion fatigue and to determine if implementing self-care strategies can help to decrease the risk of compassion fatigue and or the nurse’s current level of compassion fatigue. The tool I plan to use is the Professional Quality of Life (ProQOL) questionnaire which assesses the nurse’s level of compassion satisfaction, burnout, and secondary trauma that can all contribute compassion fatigue.