The assignment focuses on Compare  Contrasting AI- Ava in Ex Machina. You are required to Create your own compare and contrast topic about Descender and Ex Machina

Compare  Contrasting AI- Ava in Ex Machina

Compare & Contrasting AI .For this paper you will: For your third essay, you will be writing a compare and contrast analysis of Descender & a media interpretation of an AI. Topic 1: Compare and Contrast Tim-21 with Ava in Ex Machina Topic 2: Compare and Contrast a symbol in Descender with a symbol in Ex Machina Topic 3: Pick a villain in Descender and compare/contrast them against another monster in Ex Machina Topic 4: Create your own compare and contrast topic about Descender and Ex Machina Task Overview: Firstly, Make notes about the signs and symbols in both texts & whether those signs and symbols change for different people/Robots in the movie Secondly, develop a hypothesis about your topic Thirdly, Use research and visuals from the film to back up your thesis Fourthly, If you are using any film outside of the one shown in class, you will need to get approval.

Compare  Contrasting AI- Ava in Ex Machina

Conclusion: * DO NOT bring up a new topic * A suggestion of the consequences of your position for society, readers, individuals, what you want to happen in the future, or how the author might feel about your position, etc. Works Cited Page Firstly, That cites all sources using current MLA guidelines. MLA WORKS CITED EXAMPLES: Secondly, Format: Book: Single Author Author.  Thirdly, Due Dates; Folder Materials. Fourthly, Outside resources Thesis and Outline Rough Draft Final Draft. Firstly, Thesis and Outline 2. Quote Sandwiches (5 from the movie) 3. Movie Analysis Notes 4. Outside Source List (In MLA Works Cited Format) 5. Tutoring Sheet 6. Rough Draft & Peer review sheet.

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