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Prepare a study guide that addresses the listed questions for each of the following two companies for the listed year end. Please do not use information subsequent to the specified year-end. There is no special format required for this document. Please reference the e-textbook and module info (links will be provided) and the below annual information reports (should be easily accessible, let me know if you need a link). It is critical that course theory be referenced. Companies: Aurora Cannabis Inc. – Annual Information Report as of 30 June 2017 ROKU Inc. Form10-K as of 31 December 2017 Potential Questions

Quick Response

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is cannabis producer in Edmonton, Canada. It is rated to be the second-largest cannabis company globally by market capitalization. Using the Abell matrix, Aurora Cannabis Inc. the customer groups or the people served by the corporation includes the healthcare industry, especially where cannabis is used for medical cannabis CITATION Str19 l 1033  (Strasburger, 2019). The other aspect of Abell matrix includes the customer needs medical issues that require cannabis in the treatment plans. Finally, the technology used in ensuring that the needs are met using the products from Aurora Cannabis Inc. includes the transformation of cannabis into oils that are used to treat certain medical conditions…

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