The assignment concentrates on Community Public Health. Also, there is an Analysis of Human Rights. So, Describe the final outcome of this individual’s contribution to community or public health.

Community Public Health – Human Rights Analysis

Significant Contributions to Public Health

Complete the following steps: Firstly, to begin, select one of these historical figures. They are linked throughout the textbook to help get you started on your project. Secondly, choose one of the following: John Snow Margaret Sanger Jonas Salk Larry Kramer Edward Jenner Rachel Carson Sara Josephine Baker William Phelps Eno Sir Edwin Chadwick Luther Terry John Graunt Dick Cheney Everett Koop W.E.B. DuBois Charles Edward Winslow Franklin D. Roosevelt Clara Barton Florence Nightingale Thomas Francis Albert Calmette Camille Guerin Ignaz Semmelweiss.

Community Public Health – Human Rights Analysis

An individual of your own choice: you must obtain instructor approval in advance for this option. Use the outline below to organize your paper or presentation. Do not type the “Steps” into your paper or presentation. Rather, formulate a well thought out analysis with logical transitions as you would a professional paper or presentation. The grading rubric will be your guide for all the points you need to address in your final submission. Research and critical thinking is a large component of this project. You will curate resources to support your statements using proper APA Style. Step 2: Describe your selected person’s biographical background (i.e., experience). TIP: Research the individual’s background.

Community Public Health – Human Rights Analysis

This can include resume elements such as birthdate, location, education, and brief statement of their contribution to public health. (Reminder: biographical information can be easily plagiarized. Please do not copy from your biographical websites. Paraphrase or quote and cite everything according to APA.). Thirdly, analyze the climate of the time period in terms of political, socioeconomic, environmental, and technological context in which this person worked. TIP.

Community Public Health – Human Rights Analysis

How did their actions succeed or fail? Also, describe the final outcome of this individual’s contribution to community or public health. TIP: Think about the importance of the contribution to at the time. Think about this question: What occurred as a result of this person’s action? Fourthly, explain what the individual’s contribution did for overall community or public health at the time. TIP: Think about this question: What was the purpose for the community or nation? (In the Lincoln example, the explanation would involve a national recognition of human rights of all people, regardless of skin color.)

Detailed Instructions


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