The assignment focuses on Community Policing and Drugs. Also, there is a description of The Philosophical and Structural Facets. So, discuss the sources of confusion surrounding the implementation of community policing

Community Policing and Drugs – The Philosophical and Structural Facets

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1. The author’s make the statement “the war on drugs is cloaked in imagery.” Firstly, describe what is meant by this statement and then discuss how this imagery impacts certain segments of society. Secondly, one drug control strategy has been to interdict shipments of illicit drugs and narcotics by focusing on high-level dealers. Thirdly, what effect has this strategy had on drug kingpins and their organizations? On the price and availability of illicit drugs? Fourthly, when and where were DARE programs implemented? What have research studies concluded about the effectiveness of DARE programs? Fifthly, because of the vast number of different kinds of problems that drugs create, a community problem-solving approach will be more effective than responding to individual incidents. Do you agree or not? Why? Also, provide the rationale for your opinion one way or the other.

Community Policing and Drugs – The Philosophical and Structural Facets

Firstly, discuss the ways in which the community impacts the police mandate when a department has implemented community policing.Secondly, describe why community policing encourages decentralized police service and changes in patrol. Thirdly, discuss the sources of confusion surrounding the implementation of community policing. Fourthly, list and describe the four major facets of community policing. 5. Understand why community policing is an overarching philosophy, not a technique. 6. Discuss how community policing entails the use of discretion and working with other agencies to find other means of dealing with problematic situations. 7. List and discuss what community policing does NOT constitute. 8. Discuss how community policing is sometimes used as a cover for aggressive police tactics. 9. Describe how community policing affects officer activity

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