The Community CDS1000 assignment is on the presentation of a Community Development Plan. The plan is on solutions to a real-life community issue. Also, think critically about the context within which the solutions will be implemented.

Community CDS1000 assignment- Community Development Plan

Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to enable students to design solutions to a real-life community issue. Also,think critically about the context within which the solutions will get implemented.More so, the resulting content presented in the form of a project/program proposal, writing of which is a much needed practical skill. From the perspective of a community development worker working for a community organisation, develop and present a Community Development Plan for the following fictional situation:

Community CDS1000 assignment- Community Development Plan

Conversations with the local community in Sunspace located on the outskirts of a major city in Queensland. It revealed that elderly people are experiencing social isolation and loneliness. A needs assessment funded by the local council indicates that there are not enough opportunities. Enough for engagement and interaction.
Your organisation that got contracted to run a community consultation process regarding feasible solutions. The following three ideas have garnered maximum support.
o Firstly, A community garden o Well-being Parties modelled on work. Undertaken in Finland ( o Intergenerational reading modelled on work undertaken in Slovenia. (

Community CDS1000 assignment – DEVELOPMENT AND WELFARE

You may use the resources provided on p.1 to start your research but you must engagement with course content and independent analysis in your plan. Additionally,your plan must be logical and consistent across the different sections. There is an extra 10% word allowance but use it sparingly as proposal and funding applications often have stricter guidelines. Appendices, diagrams, direct quotes, face page, figures, reference list, and tables not included in the word count. Headings and in-text citations counted. Also, there  no examples, because this assessment focuses on your analytical abilities. 

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