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Resource: Action Plan for Community Change Signature Assignment Rubric

Now that you have informed your community, and persuaded them to be a part of this change, it is time to create an action plan to implement this change in the community. In this assignment, you create an action plan for implementing change, and demonstrate the role of the human service professional in advocating for change.

Review steps 3 through 7, as well as the examples listed under the “Examples” tab, in Related Toolkit 5, “Developing Strategic and Action Plans,” of the Community Tool Box, and Ch. 2, “Theoretical Frameworks for Community Change,” of Promoting Community Change for assistance with this assignment.

Consider the need for social change within your community that you identified in Week 2, and the steps you have already taken to advocate for this change in Week 3.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper describing your action plan for creating that social change. Include the following:

    • Explain the identified need for change and the mission of the project. (PSLO2)
    • Select and justify a model of community change from Ch. 2, “Theoretical Frameworks for Community Change,” of Promoting Community Change (e.g., locality development, social planning, or social action) that would support the mission of the project and address the identified need. (PSLO1)

Quick Responses

One of the social needs in the world includes affordable healthcare. The need for change entails acknowledging the alternatives that are suitable to accommodate the population who cannot afford healthcare. This problem cuts across various population demographics and therefore, needs collective responsibility. One of the frameworks that promote community change includes social action CITATION Tuo12 l 1033  (Tuomela, 2012), which has the capacity of mobilizing resources to cater to the needs of the community. For instance, a religious group could spearhead the strategy and ensure that a healthcare facility is brought up especially by missionaries to help the delivery of healthcare services to the community..

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