This GERO4306 Community Age  paper is about  a case where Many of our urban centres are several decades old, if not a century or more. Thus, discuss what makes several features age unfriendly.

GERO4306 Community Age: Several Decades Old


Provide a cover page that includes the course name, assignment title, submission date, your name, and your instructor’s name .Always keep a copy of your assignments Number the pages of your assignment. Note and comply with the assignment due dates.

Submit your assignments in Microsoft Word or a PDFInclude in-text citations and a reference page. APA format is preferred in gerontology courses. Seek assistance from Laurentian University’s Academic Centre of Excellence or your instructor if you do not understand these requirements.


Assignment #3


  Firstly, utilizes recommended resources to answer all questions in the assignment

Secondly, applies course material and readings to the discussion of the topic. GERO4306 Community Age.

Thirdly,  Presents a well-organized, clear, and comprehensive response to all

questions in the assignment in approximately 1000 words, including in-text citations. The reference page is in addition to the 1000 words.

Discussion 3

 Finally, maximum of 3 points for your discussion post.

 Firstly, demonstrates a good understanding of the discussion topic

Secondly,  answers the question rather than repeat course content

Thirdly,  comprehensive or acknowledges the limitation of the discussion. GERO4306 Community Age.

 Fourthly, written in a clear, organized manner

Fifthly, assignment 3: 1000 word report

·         How age friendly is your community/city? Use the comprehensive list provided above to assess your community/city. Present your findings in a 1000 word report (approximate). 

·         Discussion 3: 100 – 150 words in length.

·         Many of our urban centres are several decades old, if not a century or more. What makes several features age unfriendly? What would be a more age-friendly re-design in your opinion of these features? (5 marks)

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