Overview and Rationale:

In this assignment you will read an article and reflect on how the content of the article relates to your communication practices.


Essential Components & Instructions :

Read PMI’s Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report: The Essential Role of Communications (ATTACHED) and compare your current organization to the findings within the paper. Is your organization a “high-performing organization” that understands the importance of communication or does your organization struggle with communication?




Abstracts begin flush left and identify your findings and implications.  

   Keywords: the key words themselves are lowercase and are not italicized.  Use three to five words that someone might use to look up this work in a search engine. [“Keywords” is indented and italicized and the actual key words are not italicized and are not indented if they go beyond one line].





Topic – Current Status of the Organization:  (CHOOSE 1-2 BULLETS BELOW)

•    How do you see your current or past organization?

•    Does your organization struggle with either of the problem areas mentioned on page 4, “A gap in understanding the business benefits” and “Challenges surrounding the language used to deliver product-related information, which is often unclear and peppered with project management jargon”?

•    Would your organization be considered a “high-performing organization”?






Below are some key guidelines you will want to ensure you follow in this assignment. Think of this short list as a quality control checklist, along with the attached grading rubric.

•    Document should professionally formatted using titles, headers, and bullets where appropriate.

•    You must include a title page and cite any outside sources using a works cited page according to APA 6th edition guidelines

•    Submission is free of grammatical errors and misspellings

•    Double spaced, times new roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins

•    Direct quotes should account for no more that 15 percent of paper (use direct quotes sparingly)