The following information about Communication for Social Change: Different Kinds of Success has helpful details. People can learn about Assessing Success in Communication for Social Change. Thus, You will need to define and defend your definition of success. Consider, for example: 

Communication for Social Change: Different Kinds of Success

Assessing Success in Communication for social alteration. In this final paper, we are thinking about communication and success in social change. What kinds of communication and media strategies are successful? How do we measure success? Do all kinds of movements need to succeed in the same way or are there different kinds of success? Focusing on one or two of the social change movements/groups we have studied in the second half of semester — e.g. Occupy Wall Street, Marriage Equality, ActUP, white nationalism.

Communication for Social Change: Different Kinds of Success

Secondly, the Alt Right, describe their communication and media strategies and (ii) assess whether these strategies were successful.   Consider, for example:  in building collective identity, in recruiting participants, in changing public narratives, public representation, or public opinions, in changing laws and policies, and so on). Paper Format: Write up your analysis in a 1500-2000 word (6-8 page) paper.

Finally, Cite your sources, use APA or MLA style, use page numbers, and be thoughtful and systematic in your approach. Come to a conclusion. You should include at least five serious sources in your paper — serious sources are book chapters, journal articles, long form journalism, documentary film, books, etc. Include all sources consulted in bibliography. These can be from assigned class materials or you can locate these your own. Useful Resources: How to Survive a Plague (2012, dir. David France). stream online. David France. (2016, November 29).

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