Communicating Health Risks

Assignment-BHE226 M3S

This assignment entails going through the process of influencing policymakers. While these are direct ways of influencing policymakers by letter writing, there are additional indirect ways that can also achieve your objectives. Some ways are writing a letter to the editor or “Op-Eds.”

Make sure to review the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council “Writing Op-Eds and letters to the editor” page to help you complete this assignment.

Part 1:

Choose any topic that is related to the category stated in order 82697063- attached

Pick a local newspaper to write to (you can use your hometown paper if you desire). Provide the name of the newspaper and the city.

Write a one-page letter to the editor.


Prepare a 1-page infographic on tips for writing a letter to the editor.

Show the advantages of writing a letter to the editor compared to writing letters  letter to “raise a concern” and “oppose a position” or “support a positions.

Recap: Your assignment should consist of: A one-page letter to the editor and one page infographic on tips/advantages for writing a letter to the editor.

Length: 2 pages (excluding the cover page and the reference list).