Part 1: do the 3-5 commonalities and differences. There is a stark contrast in the post cold war descriptions between the two countries reviewed in this module, however, there persist some common trends in regard to espionage activity post-cold war. Students should be prepared to discuss the national security decisions that may have influenced the targets, tactics, and patterns of Russia and France in regard to offensive cybersecurity activities derived from this modules required reading. Students will individually write down and share 3-5 commonalities and 3-5 differences identified in their reading in bulleted lists or a table. How does Russias xxx compare with France on yyy? 250 words
Part 2: do a research on a threat actor group from the nations studied. and choose 1 threat actor to profile for this assignment. Write a short paper that identifies the group that you chose and profile their preferred target, TTPs, and motivations. Based on the assumed origin of the threat actor group, detail any cultural influences that you think may influence their motivations, target and selection of TTPs. Use multiple sources of information and research several attacks conducted to see what patterns emerge. Include a list of references and sources with your submission. The threat actor groups profiled should originate from the nations studied, Russia and/or France.