Common Organizational Issues in IT Implementation   2022 Latest Answers  

Research shows that some of the common issues that produce inadequate results are  

(a) lack of top management sponsorship, (b) inadequate buy-in from the employees  

and lack of training, (c) inadequate groundwork for change and poorly defi ned  

goals, and (d) scope creep.  

Top management support and supervision is cited in many studies as one of the  

most important requirements for the success of IT implementation. This translatesto availability of fi nance, deployment of a capable team, identifi cation of project  

teams for different locations and different departments, before the overlaying of IT  

systems insistence of internal processes to be in place, provisioning adequate time  

and resources from the members of the top management team/functional heads for  

the purpose , identifi cation of champions for the cause and fi xing of milestones for  

presentation of the work done and demonstration of implementation results at different phases of the project.  

Another issue again cited in various studies is the buy-in from employees. IT  

implementation should be preceded by an understanding of not just the added benefi ts of having information but also benefi ts of time that can be reduced and the  

efforts saved on the part of all the organizational members.