Coincidence Project Ares 2

This battle room is focused on entry level tasks for a network analyst where you will be given trials and reconnaissance, sensor tuning, log aggregation, SIEM queries, and network analysis.


For this week’s project, complete the following tasks:


From your Project Ares portal, LOG IN


Select the region NORTH AMERICA

Click on Battle School

Under the BATTLE SCHOOL pop-up window, click on START TRAINING.

Under the BATTLE ROOMS tile, click on ENTER.

Under the NETWORK ANALYST tile, click on PLAY.

Wait for the Battle Room to load. While loading, the BATTLE ROOM button will display red. Once the Battle Room is loaded, the BATTLE ROOM button will turn yellow and the center of the disk display will indicate CONNECTED. Click on the BATTLE ROOM button to enter the Battle Room.

Below the TASKS folder, make sure you click on INSTRUCTIONS to download the Network Analyst Fundamentals material.

In the Battle Room, under the TASKS menu select task INTRUSION DETECTION.

Complete the INTRUSION DETECTION tasks (id:1-13, id:16-18, id:20-27). Make sure to save screen captures of your results.

Next, select task HOST ANALYSIS.

Complete the HOST ANALYSIS task (id:14). Make sure to save screen captures of your results.


Produce a Word document, approximately 2-5 pages long, not counting the title and references pages, plus as many pages as needed for screen-captures

Document your objectives for your tasks this week and describe how you tackled them. Be sure to include screen captures of your work.

Discuss any benefits from reading sources in the MEDIA CENTER as recommended in the syllabus and attempting any activity in the GAME ROOM.

Discuss any challenges you faced and how you addressed them.

By the due date assigned, submit your Word file to the Submissions Area.